We are lucky we have golf!

You’ve heard it enough times by now and you’re bound to hear it again – these are strange times. As coronavirus leaves the Princess Ruby and infects an unknown amount of people throughout Sydney and Australia, Scott Morrison can be seen on TV nervous and changing his word as quick the golf course went unmaintained when we were briefly closed!

The situation surrounding the pandemic remains as serious as ever, but it is back, golf in Sydney, golf on the Northern Beaches and most importantly golf is back at Avalon Golf Course.

We’ve had some rain and the course is looking a deep green for Autumn and it’s barely recognisable that it’s this time of April in Sydney.

We are limiting our numbers to two people per golf group, keeping the minimum distance of 1.5 metres between everyone at all times. Still, Avalon Golf Course can deliver the perfect round if you’re you’re looking play golf in Sydney.

The proshop is closed due to COVID-19 restrictions however we are still serving takeaway.